Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm freakin protector

*I'm just want you  understand my heart and my mind to you . How much i luv you ?  Do you care ? Do you think how much i miss you ? Until now , you   ignore my msg ? Where are you ? NO MATTER WHAT I'M STILL WAITING FOR YOUR RESPONSE . Okybai  ;( 

To her :(

Dedicate to her to learn this song . That is in my heart and to sing it to her . 

I'm sorry :(

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rarely update

Klik kiri dan nampak x perkataan ny :
' Open link a new tab '
Klik and focus . 
Btw , ny lirik lagu blog tp ada yg aku singkat an . 

saya sayang awak , saya nak awak , saya cinta awak . Awak bidadari saya . Mlm  tu saya mimpi awak sampai ________ . Hahaha ,Shuuu , secret  oky babai :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Read this !

Awak , sebelum bc dlm buku ny , pasti an , awak fokus at lagu blog saya ny .
Awak jgn nagis pula . Kalau x nagis xpe .
*I hate to see you cry :(

Klik kiri , and awak nampak tak perkataan 'Open link in new tab' . 
Awak klik ar . Jd pada ms yg sme awak bc buku tu , awak boleh fokus at lagu blog saya . 
Sory kalau ada salah dlm pembikinan buku ny .  

Ble awak da hbis bc , ada stu je ag saya nak bagitahu , saya minta maaf banyak2 slama saya couple nan awak , saya menyakat awak ke , sakit an ht awak ke n utk semuanye , saya minta maaf . Saya da maaf an awak . Saya xdendam nan awak , saya ikhlas nan awak . Ok gud luck fer yr life .

saya sayang awak , Jueraihan :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tears will comes

I'm going to be patient even I miss you . You know I have nothing to give you . I will send you my prayers for your happiness . I call you . My heart cries out a word . Leave me without saying anything ? I loved you until now , I want to scream and cry . But , I realized , I was a fool who only look for you . Never mind , you know I loved you .I was happy during my life . The day I send you off . I will send you my prayes for your happiness .
One more things , let you go maybe take a long time to forget you . Trust me , if you come back to me , I'll here for you to being your special guy again and hear you again . If you come back to me , I will appreciate that your love so precious'.