Saturday, June 9, 2012


ayat sweet yg korang boleh bg at gf / bf korang :
  • please give me your love only to me . i want it . i'm promise i'll keep it . 
  • you're my sweet memories , without you i can't to complete and searching the end of memory
  • i can't to describe how much i love you but i just can tell you , i love you more and more than everything .
  • if you leave me , nobody can replace your place in my heart . so , i just want you know , i'll waiting on you .
  • i want be your sky because , i can see you everywhere you go .
  • your smile like my mother , very beautiful .
  • if you want to cry , cry on my shoulder .
  • please don't cry , i'm begging . because if you cry , i'll cry too . so please don't cry
  • you know what , you're my arms , i just want you always be my side . 
  • will you be my princess ?

oky , ny je ar aku na share at korang . ny semua ayat aku , no ciplak2 k . tp aku xad speaking ble na sweet2 nan jue , bg aku , bhs kebangsaan kte leby mempunyai maksud mendalam .

kasut ny jahat . kesian harimau bintang .
kulit dea kne lapah . hahaha
maybe kasut mcmny yg jue na ak pakai . 
kasut saiz 9 , besar oww :p

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